How Important is Using Different Types of Keywords

keyword bombThe keywords that you select for your pages are life and death, but even more important is learning SEO for a Homestead website. If you don’t understand how to use the rich words correctly in the Site Builder web design program, you will not succeed with search engines. Different types of words have very little value if no one is seeing your web pages because you did not know what you were doing with the Homestead website builder.

This is a hot subject on the Internet. Here are a few of the most popular terms related to “keywords” as far as Google is concerned. Isn’t it interesting that I knew how to find these important phrases related to our subject? Read on and I will give you the link that will shuffle you to where I teach this technique on our site. Once you learn how to go deeper with your research and expand your phrases, you will greatly increase your chances of being found online.


1)    For search engines
2)    Spy
3)    For meta tags
4)    For resume
5)    Analyzer
6)    Meta tag
7)    HTML
8)    SEO
9)    For websites
10)    In java
11)    Research

Those are the top ten related phrases that go with the word “keywords.”

The different types of words on your website determine how people find your web pages. If you do not have specific phrases related to your niche on your web page, the search engines will not find you. Here again you must learn SEO for a Homestead website in order to understand how to use your keyword phrases correctly.

Finding Different types of Keywords

There are many tools for doing research to find the most important phrases related to your niche. I recently wrote an article, demonstrating with images that explains how to choose keywords for a Homestead website in a very unique and non-traditional way.   The method is how I knew what the most popular terms were related to “keyword” online. Selecting the right phrases for your content is very important. So, how much time you dedicate to this process can greatly affect the traffic results that you get. Sometimes, one word can change everything for the good or the bad.

Here are a few of the most popular keyword selectors online.

1)    Adwords
2)    Google Trends
3)    Word Tracker
4)    Keyword Discovery

Expanding Your Keywords

The best tool I have found for getting several related words is the online thesaurus found at

Here’s an applicable example for this page topic. Let’s look at the word “Important” since it is in the title of this article. Look at all the words that will expand the possibilities of me being found by a search engine in relation to our topic if I include them in the content of the page.

Results for Important words to use with the title Keyword:


The title of the content just got expanded tremendously by adding them before or after “keyword.” Now there are many combination that someone might be using to find this page when they do a search on Google, Yahoo or Bing. Oftentimes altering a couple of phrases can bring a flood of traffic to your Homestead website. Remember it’s very important learn Homestead Website SEO so you know what to do with the different types of keywords inside the Site Builder program.