How to Add a Google Calendar to an Intuit Website

Here are the steps explaining how to add third party elements to a Homestead/ Ituit Site Builder web page. The video tutorial below demonstrates how to add a Google Calendar to your web page design. This lesson will apply to most third party integration that you might want to add to your business, hobby or product website.

First go into SiteBuidler and click on the “HTML” icon in the menu bar toward the top of the page. On the right side of the web page, in the properties editor, set the width and height of the HTML box to fit the calendar size that you want. For most third party integration you will only need to add a bit of HTML code.

Go to Google (you must have an account set up) and click on the “more” option at the top of your page. Once you are in the calendar development area, you must make sure that you put a check in the box that says; “public.”

You will need to adjust the HTML code for the calendar size before adding it to your Intuit website personal, business, hobby or product page. You can do this by clicking on “settings” option on the left. Then you will need to select the name of the calendar you want to work with if you have created more than one. Next, about half way down, in the center of the page, you will see a mini calendar that says; “embed this calendar.” In that same area you will see an active link that says; “customize the color, size and other options;” you should click on that link.

On the next page, scroll about half way down the page and on the left side there will be two boxes. One is for the height and the other text box is designated for adjusting the width of the calendar. Enter the size that the HTML box is on your Intuit Site Builder design page.

Next, leave the Google calendar page and go back into the Intuit website builder. Then, copy and paste the code in the HTML box on your Homestead Site Builder page. You must click on the icon in the properties editor to the right that says; “enter or paste HTML.” This is where you insert the code that you got for adding a Google calendar to your Intuit website.

Now, if you go back to Google and enter information onto your calendar it will automatically be added to your Homestead Site Builder page. All of this gets done in the actual Google calendar area and is then automatically updated to your business, hobby, or product sites web page that you have integrated the feature onto.

This is basically the same method that is used for adding a Youtube Video. This is how you can integrate any HTML document or code that you want to use on your Intuit/Homestead web pages. Adsense ads, Commission Junction advertisements, email optin boxes and just about any affiliate product codes are added to an Intuit web page using this integration method. You can add image shows from Photo Bucket using this integration technique and many other great web page design elements. Any time you see something you want to add to your pages, look for an embed code like the one that was used in the Youtube video tutorial for adding a Google calendar to an Intuit website.