Homestead Users Help Checking Indexed Pages and Backlinks

There are a couple of things I am going to show you in this article that will help with your Homestead website management skills. These tips will help you research how many of your SiteBuilder web pages are indexed by Google and the other major search engines. You will discover how to check your backlinks as well.

Whenever you, as a Homestead user, launch your website, you’re going to want to take a look at how many pages Google discovered. This is a handy tip that will work with Yahoo and Bing as well.

In the search box for Google type site:, then click on the search button. This will show you how many pages of your website that the search engines have discovered. You will have to do this with each individual search engine to find out which of your pages are indexed.

If all of your pages are not showing up as being indexed, then you need to create a sitemap. You can find help at the Homestead website. They have a tutorial that will teach you how to create a sitemap for your Homestead website. The lesson also demonstrates how to upload it into the SiteBuilder. The guide expands into giving you instructions on how to notify Google so they can follow the map as well. This will help you get more of your pages indexed.

It’s a good idea to create an account with Google and enter your website in the “Webmasters” area. Just click on the icon for webmasters and follow the instructions. This will help you as a Homestead user to find out how many backlinks there are pointing to your website. Search engines see backlinks as votes for your site. The more votes you have the better your placement might be. Checking backlinks  is a very important process in maintaining  your site.

Homestead users should also use Yahoo for checking to see how many pages have been indexed and also the number of  back-links there are pointing to your SiteBuilder web pages. Yahoo is generally more accurate in the number of votes that you have for your site. For some reason Google is not as liberal in letting you know how many people’s web page are pointing to yours. Go to and enter your main website domain name. The results will show how many backlinks that Yahoo is showing for your website.

If you can get into the practice of keeping an eye on your pages that get indexed by the search engines, this will help you get more traffic to your Homestead website. If you discover that a page is not indexed you can make the necessary adjustments to try and get the search engines to consider it again.

If  a page is not getting noticed by Google there are advanced reasons why some Homestead users web pages never get found. The SEO Extreme Video Series, found at the Homestead website, explains in great detail how you can get more pages indexed by the search engines. The tutorial will help teach you how to make your web pages more appealing to the search engines.

Once you have a grip on adding a sitemap, creating backlinks and getting all of your pages indexed by the search engines, you will be in a better position to receive more traffic. Most Homestead users need help checking these things because this is their first attempt at building a website. There is a lot for new Homestead users to learn about working with the SiteBuilder program.