Help I Need Ideas for Writing Articles

Article TitlesPublish a couple of hundred articles on your niche topic and you will begin to run out of ideas of things to write about. I think I can help if you have reached that sage. It seems that the more focused you get the better your chances are for getting visitors to find you through the major search engines.

Think broad and at the same time get narrow-minded. Make your titles longer and more targeted. Rather than writing about several things related to your subject focus in one thing and go deeper with your content description of that particular thing.

I have a Homestead website where I write a lot of content related to the cabinet making industry. I have written several articles related to cabinet design. When I get stumped, I get real focused on details. I may write an article with the title “Blue and White Cabinet Design Combinations.” Then the next one may be called, “Red Kitchen Cupboard Designs in High Gloss.” Usually, I just browse through some of the previous articles and think of ways to expand on the topics.

Visiting related websites, blogs and forums is another way to get great ideas for writing an article when your mind needs a little help. Even Ezine Articles is good for doing research on niche topics to write about.

Oh, watching Youtube videos is another wonderful way to find ideas. If you can find a professional in your field who is uploading clips, usually within a couple of minutes you can have three or four ideas for article titles. This is my first choice for places to look when I need help finding ideas for what to write about.

I’ve even posted some one’s video from Youtube on my website and written a very detailed description of what the video is about. This is a great way to generate fresh content and get loads of traffic through expanding on someones topic.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Need I say more?

Much of where you find help for writing articles depends upon what your niche of choice is. If you are posting content related to news events, then you’re not ever going to be at a loss for ideas of things to write about. Some people will build websites around their favorite TV shows, movies and sports teams. You may even discover that the radio is a great source for sparking the brain with a new topic to write about.

If you are truly an expert in your field of choice, then coming up with article titles for your Homestead website  is not going to be a difficult thing.  Writers block will be short lived when you are an authority on a particular hobby or business. Make a quick search on Google and see what others are writing about in relation to your specialty, then expand and combine their knowledge with yours, then write.