Using Google Webmaster Tools with an Intuit Website

Taking advantage of the Google Webmaster Tools can improve your site’s user- friendliness on the Internet. Create an account with Google and then learn how to add an Intuit/Homestead website-connection so that you can see how they view your web pages.

Don’t use the HTML authentication method described in the video.
Follow the steps in the video below to incorporate your site into your account. Don’t use the HTML method of authentication as described in the video.

Verify your site with the meta tag method.
Use the “meta tag” method. I have included an image from inside the Sitebuilder Program describing where you should add the “Meta Tag” when verifying and authenticating your Homestead website as being yours.

How to use Google Webmaster Tools to your Advantage

Using the webmaster tools to monitor how Google is seeing our websites is a wise thing to do. Taking advantage of this free program can greatly help us achieve higher placements within the search engines. Inside the program you will find useful information as to how they see your Intuit/Homestead website.

Here are a few things I pay close attention to:

There is a listing inside of your account that will show the internal and external links related to your website.

Crawl Errors

This statistic should be taken with a grain of salt at times because it is not accurate. On one occasion the Google Bot reported that it could not find my index page and therefore stated that there were a hundred pages that they could not crawl. This was not the case. When the site was crawled soon afterward, all of the website’s pages were found by the Google crawler.

Where Pages are Ranked in the Index
Google names this report “Top Search Queries”. This is valuable information that you can use to see which of your URLs are getting the highest placements and the most click-through activity. By monitoring this vitally important report, you can target specific pages of your Intuit site for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes.

Pay close attention to the keywords that Google references your website’s content by. When writing your content, notice if any of the keywords tend to fit in with the subject matter of your article and if so, then incorporate them into and throughout your text. This is one of the many factors that can improve the number of pages which make it into the top search engine results.

Making a Homestead Website Connection with Google

It is in the Webmaster Tools area where you make the connection between the sitemap on your Intuit site and Google. This is something that is manually done by you. Click the link to get a tutorial on how to add a sitemap to an Intuit website. This is not automatically updated. You will periodically need to update it as you add more pages to your site.

If you are serious about increasing the exposure of your Intuit website, then you are going to need to use all possible avenues that are available to you. Since Google is the largest supplier of search engine traffic on the Internet, it’s wise to use the free Web-Master Tools available as leverage. I am convinced that the information provided through their free services has been beneficial in the development process of my Intuit websites. In fact when I first made a successful Homestead website connection, within two months I was able to push three of my SiteBuilder pages higher in the search engine results pages.