Funniest Video About Twitter-Still Dumbfounded

This is a hilarious real life look at Twitter. I don’t know about you, but I am still a little dumbfounded over the way the whole thing works. This is a good video that helped me realize why I have difficulty connecting with the Twitter generation. Watching this made me not feel like such an Internet outcast.

It’s actually the funniest video I’ve seen about the newest craze that is taking the entire world by storm.

My experience with the website has not been a bad one and yet I can honestly say that very little traffic has come about through participating with the membership site.

If you want to make the experience easier, I would create a blog and connect it to Twitter through a website called,

This service makes posting to the mini content entry pages of the plate form rather simple. The way it works is every time you make a new blog post, Twitter feed updates your membership area with the maximum amount of characters that they allow you to have as an entry.

Twitter Feed is a hands off approach to participating. Anyway that’s my beneficial contribution for this content post and I really hope you enjoy the funniest video I’ve ever seen explaining what real life Twitter would be like.