Free Download for Your Homestead Website May Increases Sales

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When I started getting serious about Internet marketing, I posted a no-cost download on one of the pages of my Homestead Users website. The idea behind this method of making more money online is that once you collect an email address, in exchange for the free product, you can then market to the customer as often as you like. The Sitebuilder has an newsletter feature that you can start collecting email addresses with.

By joining Aweber I was able to set up an email auto responder that automatically sends the free downlaod to the opt-in subscriber. It is a wonderful way to establish relationships and credibility with your potential customers. As long as you don’t bombard the people who opted in on your Homestead website email list with junk mail, they generally won’t unsubscribe.

The most popular free download that people use is an eBook. I suggest that you make your own by following our tutorial on How to Make a PDF eBook Using Open Office. Inside of your book you can create clickable links that will send your potential customers to your website’s product page or affiliate links.

One thing that I learned recently is that you should have one goal when people land on your pages. If you mix up a free download with products that you are trying to sell, oftentimes the visitor will click- off of your Intuit/Homestead website to go and get the free download from their in-box. If you want your visitors to buy something, then focus on selling your products. If you are trying to collect an email address, then set up a free download and email address collection system.

Some Internet marketers use free trials or products to lure customers in, then they put the subscriber on a membership recurring-payment plan. This is a tactic that Russel Bronson is using right now in a program called Micro Continuity. The visitor to the website sees something for free and finds out that there is a shipping and handling charge associated with getting the offer. Once the credit card information is taken, the free product is delivered and the customer is then placed on a recurring billing cycle to either receive more products or have access to a member’s area.

There is great power in using the word “free” on your Intuit/Homestead website. For example, you will find on this Homestead website builder review page that the “free trial text” and the “red arrow” are a good working combination for moving the customers in the proper direction. Everyone likes to get something for nothing, especially if it is something of value. Being able to try something out first before having to pay for it is a great way to sell something.

So, consider giving away something in exchange for an email address or set a customer up on a membership billing cycle after they get their first month for free. You can offer a free trial and then have them automatically billed through your Paypal account.