Enhance your Homestead Website add a Forum Connection

It’s not an available option to be able to have a Homestead website forum through your Intuit hosting account. However, you can make a connection with your site and a different hosting company who can provide a forum for free. Basically all you would need to do is open an account with www.GoDaddy.com and inside you will find an option to add a free forum to your Homestead website. Connection between the forum and your established SiteBuilder site can be done through adding an anchor text link.

Basically what you will need to do is purchase a separate domain name, then on your Homestead web site add a link pointing to the forum.

One of the things I found extremely helpful when I started the process of setting up the Homestead connection to the forum was the tech support at Godaddy. They walked me through all of the necessary steps for getting the forum active in a matter of minutes. Once I had it set up, learning how to work with the program was not a difficult task. As long as you do not try to customize things you will be OK.

Before You Make the Connection

Traffic is Important

I would like to offer one suggestion though. If you are considering having one of these, you should already have an established website with loads of traffic coming to it. Just having a forum link on your Homestead site will not be enough. People will not participate if there is not a community of people making a connection on a daily basis.

Be Aware of Spammers

Every forum owner I have interacted with has said that spammers always make a connection with a forum. It is a constant battle keeping things in order. This is going to be a daily task in addition to managing your main Homestead website connection. Not one day can slip by without checking the posts. Spammers have a way of posting obscene things in an overabundant amount once they get in. If you leave the forum for too long, without checking it and they have been in there for a couple of days, you may never get the mess cleaned up. I used to keep a daily connection with what was happening with the forums I managed.

Check Out Other Forums

It’s always a good idea to check out the competition to make sure that there are not already several established communities in your niche of choice. If you already have a ton of traffic coming to your regular Homestead site, then it’s OK to launch a forum connection.

Taking a Homestead site and making a connection with a forum is challenging and a lot of fun. Learning a new website builder program for adding a forum is not going to take as much time as you may think. It’s really pretty simple. Just remember to keep things simple by using the default designs offered with the forum. It’s actually easier than building a Homestead website. The difficulty comes in when you try to customize logos and stuff. Now check out www.GoDaddy.com for making your Homstead connection with a forum.