Focus When Building an Internet Business

It’s important to keep the focus in the right place when building an Internet business. It’s so easy to get distracted online. We must set goals, stay focused and do things daily to reach them. Making money online really takes a commitment, just like working at a nine to five job. The difference is that you are working for profits not wages. This is the beauty of having an online business; you make money while you are sleeping.

Set Goals and Stay Focused on Achieving Them
Once I got a good taste of making money online, I started setting goals. After building a couple of Intuit websites that were making money with Adsense, I set my sights on generating content. This is the key to making Internet money. It takes content to attract targeted visitors to our Intuit/Homestead Sitebuilder pages. As we focus on specific keyword phrases that are tailored to suit our niche, more traffic begins to come to our pages. Therefore, we make more money. So, one of my main goals is to get more traffic.

It’s really not a difficult equation, build optimized Intuit website pages ( Homestead Website  SEO eBook), get traffic, and make money. Once you find some thing that is working just repeat the process over and over again.

If we can train ourselves to see the potential of building an Internet business over a ten year period, then we will not get discouraged over the small results we may be achieving in the beginning. Just imagine if your first year on the Internet you made six thousand dollars. If you continue to build and repeat the same process the potential of having a passive income of $60,000 dollars in ten years is reachable. This means that if you get things set up on auto pilot, you could be golfing every day or doing other things that you love to do while making a nice five figure income.

To achieve this small level of income on the Internet only takes focus and determination to reach your goals. Just by writing one article per day you can build a nice passive income over time.

Let me leave you with this thought, millionaires think in decades.