Finding Good Keywords Using Google’s Wonder Wheel

There are so many methods for discovering popular search terms. One of Google’s tools is called the Wonder Wheel.Finding good phrases that have our keywords in them to focus on takes research and time.

The first place that I like to start is by studying all of the things that Google has to say about what is popular according to the free tools that they are providing for us. They are ever increasing in technology and offering search systems that will help us all find the things that we are looking for.

Like everything that the search engine company develops this keyword tool is simple to use.

How to Use Google’s Wonder Wheel

1)    Go to

2)    Type in your search phrase and click “Search.”

3)    Click on “Show Options,” in the top left corner of the screen.

4)    Scroll down and look on the left side of the computer screen for the words, “Wonder Wheel.” click on it.

5)    The wheel displays related keywords to the main term that you typed into the search area.

6)    Click on a term and another wheel will be displayed with several search terms that are related to the second expansion of your original keyword phrase.

7)    You can go deep in your keyword research discovering more and better keyword phrases with every new Wonder Wheel that opens.

Just by typing the main phrase for this article, “finding good keywords,” the Wonder Wheel returned eight results. Here are a few of the terms it displayed.

1)    Good keyword density
2)    Free Keyword finder
3)    Link popularity
4)    Google Adwords keyword tool

When I clicked on the phrase “good keyword density,” the wheel transformed into another wheel yielding eight more related search terms. Here are a couple of the keyword phrases that were displayed in the second wonder wheel.

1)    Optimum keyword density
2)    Keyword density cloud

Every time you click on a term another wheel with several subject related keywords appears. This could go on into infinity because it is a wheel that never stops. It just goes a round and around yielding possible search terms. What a great way to go really deep when assembles a list of good keywords to use on your Homestead website. This is an excellent expansion tool for going way outside the “box” and finding good keyword terms that are distant cousins to the main phrase that you are focusing on.

Many internet marketers attribute their success to being able to do what is known as broad keyword discovery. This is where you find terms that are not as common as the main term that someone might type into a search box, but closely related. Successful Internet marketers spend many hours doing keyword research because it is the life of their business. If they can find a few keywords that others are not using and start getting loads of traffic from them, then they can make lots of money. Google’s wonder wheel is a great addition to the many features that they provide for their searchers.