Email Marketing Using The Intuit Site Builder

The first step in creating (or, adding) an email marketing campaign for an Intuit Homestead website will be to create a master file for your subscribers email addresses to go into.

To add this storage file for news letter subscribers we must first log into the main account for your services, not the site builder account. On the left side click on where it says Domains & Emails.

Then on the next page left click on Manage email services. Next select the website that you want the mailing list to be associated with.

You may have two options:
1) create an email
2) Create mailing list

Next you must name this list and enter a valid email address in the content (or, text) box below. To finalize the Intuit newsletter email subscribers storage file click on save.

Now, login to the Intuit Homestead websites site builder program and left click on view communications tools elements.

The first option in the drop down menu is join this mailing list left click this option. A window will open giving you choices for which domain mailing list that you want to attach (or, link) the icon to.

Now, select your site where you created the newsletter subscribers storage file at. An icon will now be added to your Homestead website page for newsletter sign ups.

When a visitor clicks on the icon another window will open requiring them to add their email address. When they enter the information it will automatically be stored into the mailing list file that you created in your main account or in step one of this lesson.

You have just finished the first stage of how to create a newsletter mailing list for a Homestead website. Now let’s look at how you can start your marketing campaign.

How to send an email to your Intuit Homestead website’s mailing list of subscribers.

1)Log into your Hmail email account
2)Left click on options at the top right
3)Select Format as HTML this will make any http: URLs active links that can be clicked on.
4)In the To section enter the name that you gave your newsletter subscribers mailing list file.
5)Add the URL of the website page that you want all of the recipients to go to.
6)Click Send and your finished

That’s how a newsletter is added to an Intuit Homestead website or a mailing list is formatted. Remember if you have any difficulties at all the phone tech support is incredible for this company. Never hesitate to give them a call when you are having difficulties.

Email marketing is a great way to build relationships with your niche subscribers. Try not to over do the amount of times that you send your lists information. Email marketing with your Intuit website should be done in moderation.