Do Youtube Promoted Videos Convert

Where Promopted Videos Display On YoutubeI recently developed a new product. I noticed that Youtube started an advertising program called Promoted Videos. This is a feature that actually interconnects with Google Adwords. I decided to give it a try just to see how well the promoted videos would drive traffic to my website with the product on it. These advertising clips are placed exclusively on Youtube. They do not show anywhere else on the web.

Prior to running the advertisements on Youtube, five percent of the people who have opted-into my email list have purchased a product. The optin rate for my free mini-course runs about two percent compared to the amount of traffic I receive. So, I generally get ninety visits per day. Over a ten day period, I get about twenty optins. This generally works out to about three sales per month. That’s pretty good considering the average sale is around forty dollars ($40). All of these percentages are based on SEO traffic from Google, Youtube, Bing, Yahoo and article marketing.

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The honest truth about my experience so far with the Youtube promoted videos is that the optin rate has not increased and neither have my conversions. I have seen a small increase in visitors coming to my site.

Youtube Promoted Videos Statistics

Looking at my statistics so far (see image above), the cost per click (CPC) is very low. An average CPC for this niche on the Adwords network is about thirty cents per click. What really concerns me is that I am not seeing an increase in traffic, optins or conversions. Now there have been many thousands of impressions. I’ve also had four hundred and fifty (450) clicks on the Youtube promoted video.

So how should I look at this?

Well there are two ways and my goals define whether or not I should continue using Youtube promoted videos or not.

If I am simply seeking to get exposure for my website through advertising, then this seems to be a reasonably priced way to get my website in front of a lot of niche targeted people. I mean, it only cost twenty seven ($27) dollars to have four hundred and fifty people view information about my product and website location.

If my goal is mostly based on making product sales conversions, perhaps I haven’t tested this long enough. I mean, through SEO I make three sales (totaling $120) per every twenty seven hundred visitors (2700). What happens when I do the math?

I’ve already spent twenty seven dollars ($27) on Youtube promoted videos to get four hundred and fifty clicks with very few people actually coming to my website. If I hold out to the point of getting 2700 Promoted Video clicks, it will cost me one hundred and sixty two dollars ($162). It seems like I’m wasting my money if I am seeking to get conversions, when the clicks on the videos are not bringing people to my website.

I’d say that Youtube Promoted videos are definitely working to get my website name and product in front of people. For actual conversions, this short-term experiment is bombing out. It makes sense though, most of the people on Youtube are there to watch videos-not go clicking off to some other website.