Developing Products-Selling on Clickbank

In this article we will be looking at a few of the components required for developing your own products and marketing them on the Internet through a company called Clickbank. This type of affiliate marketing is growing in popularity among people seeking to make money on the Internet.

What is Clickbank(CB)

This is a company that allows you to post your DIGITAL product information on their website so that others can sell them for you and earn a commission. You decide what the commission rate will be. Clickbank charges a minimal fee for the listing your affiliate product and they handle the entire billing process for you when someone makes a purchase.

How to Develop Products
There are four different types of digital products that sell on CB. They are video tutorials, audio lessons, eBooks and membership sites. You can get in-depth training from Niche Profit Classroom. They can teach you exactly how to develop, market and sell your product. You will find hundreds of hours worth of videos giving step-by-step information on product creation, marketing, monitoring and sales.

References for Developing Products:

Market Research
Your first step is to do market research through finding as much information on the Internet about keywords related to your subject and competing websites. You must find a niche that is not too small or too big. A medium sized market with plenty of good keywords and little competition is ideal for succeeding with developing products and selling them on Clickbank.

Gathering the Information
You have two options: 1) You can create your product by drawing from your own knowledge. 2) Find an expert in the desired subject and pay them to share their knowledge with you.

Making the Web Site
When developing your products to sell online, you can use your Intuit/Homestead Sitebulder program for creating the website to display the sales information on.

Setting up an Auto Responder
You will need to set up an automatic deliver system in order to send out follow-up emails. The most popular company for email marketing and delivering digital products is Aweber. I have used them for a couple of years now and the system is amazingly simple to understand and use. They have excellent phone support if you do happen to run into some kind of snag.

Setting the Commission Rate on Your Clickbank Product
It is suggested that commissions for your affiliates should be at least forty percent. The more money they can make, the better your chances are of getting them to promote your products.

Making Sales
The amount of sales you make is going to be dependent upon many factors. The two main components that make product sales successful are targeted traffic and how your web page is monetized. Getting free traffic is best done through learning SEO for an Intuit website. Monetizing your site is going to be a process of testing and finding out what will work the best.

$1 Trial – Niche Profit Classroom

Creating a product will take a large investment of time and a few dollars. The beautiful thing about marketing on the Internet is once you are registered with Clickbank, getting targeted traffic, have affiliates selling for you and are set up with Aweber, your system is then on AUTO PILOT. This will then free you up from that niche product to start developing another one to sell.

Selling digital information is pretty much a hands-off venture once everything is working properly.