Designing Web Pages Above The Fold

web design above the fold

Have you heard of the term that Internet web designers use called “above the fold?” This phrase is used to describe everything that a visitor sees on their computer screen, at first glance, when they open a web page on your Homestead website. It is in this area that the most important product or information on your web page needs to be creatively placed.

When people scroll down and new information enters the computer screen that is what’s referred to as the content that was below the fold.

Internet marketers will place the most valued information on their affiliate websites above the fold.

When a visitor comes to our website, we literally have a couple of seconds to capture their attention. If we do not immediately grip them tightly with something intriguing, they will fly away as quickly as they came.

What are some of the things we see above the fold that seem to work well for arresting some ones attention?

Above the fold attention grabbers:

• Photos
• Videos
• Automatic audio messages
• Click Here buttons
• Orange colored items seem to attract the eye
• Large amounts of white space

White Space
Using large amounts of white space above the fold is an amazing attention grabber. I don’t know about you, but if I log onto a website that is filled with clutter, it doesn’t take but just a moment for me to click off the page. Google is the king when it comes to designing website pages with white space. Just look at this Google doodle of the Sesame Street Cookie Monster at the top of this page. Notice how your eyes are drawn to the bright colors in the center of the page, above the fold.

A photo is worth a thousand words. It’s the ones that you just want to stare at forever that work well above the fold. I always review the content of a page which has an image that grabs my attention. If you decide to add a large photo, reduce the file size to below seventy two dpi. This article on optimizing homestead website images will give you pointers on how to reduce the file size of a photo.

With the present Internet age, using videos to capture people’s attention is an ever increasing method for getting visitors to stay on a website. Some people will have the videos start automatically. If you want to have a video self-start above the fold when a visitor enters your website, there are several free tutorials online that give the method for making an auto play Youtube video.

Click Here Buttons
I mentioned the use of the color orange above the fold as an attention grabber. Many Internet marketers are creating their click here buttons using the color orange. I’ve even seen really large optin email forms decorated in this particular color. The main thing is that the attention grabber gets placed above the fold.

Take a few moments to think about your Homestead website design. What things do you have above the fold? Are your website pages designed in such a way that people are drawn to stay? Because the SiteBuilder is so easy to work with, making changes above the fold will take a minimal amount of time. If you are not having much success getting people to stay on your website, perhaps you should consider redesigning what is above the fold. If you are selling products think about what you can do differently to get them to buy.