Deleting a Website From My Homestead Account

Internet FrustrationsHow can I remove an unwanted website from my Intuit list? What’s the process of deleting a website that I don’t want form my Homestead account? How to clean out unwanted websites from your dropdown list is going to be easier than you may think.

Before you start deleting anything, please DO NOT remove any sub domain website that you originally built which are now associated with your main .com, .org. or .net published designs. Keep the original domain in your list.

How to remove an unwanted website from your account list:

1) Log into your main Intuit/Homestead account, not Site Builder. Inside the main account is where you check your statistics, billing information, set up newsletters and study tutorials about using the SiteBuilder.

2) Select the domain name that you want to delete from the drop-down menu.

3) In the left side bar there is a clickable link titled “Advanced,” click on that link.

4) Now, on the right side of the next page you will see several options, select “delete website.”

5) Your next web page will give you a warning about removing this website. It’s there to protect you from deleting a Homestead website from your account file. DO NOT be in a HURRY to click on the final button until you pause and look closely at the site design that you will be removing from your Intuit website account.

Once you make your final click, the process of deleting your unwanted website will be finished. You will not be able to restore what you have deleted. Getting rid your site  will be irreversible.

In case you missed it, deleting a main website that is a .com from your website file list can only be done by the tech support team. You will be required to submit a formal request through using the “submit a help” ticket link in your account.

Hope this helps you with cleaning out unwanted websites from your Intuit account.