Competitive Niche-Growing Your Website Among the Competition

Have you heard the news of how competitive the Internet is getting? Ehow is growing in website popularity buy publishing five thousand articles per day relating to various niche topics. This is just one of the mega websites out there that is using automated technology which helps them focus on popular, high-paying, long-tailed keyword phrases.

If you are going to compete with these big boys learn Homestead website SEO.

In my opinion, the content on the eHow site is very poorly done because the information is too short to really explain anything in great detail. I’ve researched their website in relation to a couple of the niches that I am knowledgeable about and they really are not even close to giving quality information. I looked at one article about how to remove a virus from Windows XP. eHow basically said something like this: 1) Click on the virus protection icon located on your desk top. 2) Follow the directions 3) Restart your computer… Now is that pathetic or what?

If you are building an online business through generating content on your Intuit/Homestead, this is no time to be slacking off. Huge content sites are growing at incredible rates of speed because of the money to be made with affiliate programs like Adsense. If you want to survive and stay in the top of the search engine results pages, you must stay focused and work hard. DO NOT treat your Internet business like a hobby.

Don’t get discouraged because of the competition, just stay focused on publishing quality information about your Homestead website niche.

Tips for Growing Your Content Website Among the Competition

1) Before you write an article,  always do a few Google searches to see who is competing for the keyword phrases you are considering
2) You must publish no less than two hundred and fifty words in one article, five hundred is even better
3) Learn Intuit/Homestead Website SEO
4) Write one article per day

The real key to winning with your Intuit/Homestead site is going to be learning proper Homestead website optimization techniques. By getting proper training in this area you will have a fighting chance at competing among the competition in your niche. Trust me the sooner you learn about optimization the better you will perform in a competitive niche.