Choosing Keywords for Your Website

Keyword Selection

Keyword Selection

The process you use for choosing keywords for your Homestead Sitebuilder pages will either make you or break you. What is the best method for finding phrases to use on your website that will bring visitors to your pages? Have you heard of the term “long tail” yet? What is Adwords? How can I use the system to find particular terms that people use when searching for things related to my online niche? I will answer these questions in the following paragraphs.

First we must recognize that Google is the king of all the search engines. If we are going to succeed at selecting terms that have a good chance of bringing traffic to our business or hobby website, we should look to the king.

Notice in the illustration at the top left of the page. When a term is typed into the search box there is a drop down menu with keyword phrases in it. These terms are arranged by popularity for search terms that are related to the keywords you typed into the main area. In other words, they are the most popular phrases that people search the Internet with related to the term. This is a great starting place for beginning to research popular terms for your online niche. Knowing what people are searching for eliminates the guess work.

Search Result

Keyword Suggestions

Now, on the same search results page, if you scroll all the way down to the bottom you will also see important options for keyword phrases that you should research as well. Refer to the photo illustration on the right side of this web page to see what I am referring too.

  • Tip: Choosing good keywords is just the beginning, you must learn Homestead website SEO as well. There are certain things that you must do correctly inside the SiteBuilder when you are assembling your website. If you do not know what the special codes are and where they should be placed, you will not achieve success. The SEO Extreme Video Series was designed for SiteBuilder users and reveals professional techniques that will help you get better rankings with Google’s search results.

Choosing Long Tail Keywords for Your Homestead Website

The term is self explanatory. Rather than just using the title “choosing keywords” for this paragraph, I chose to make the heading a lot longer. The process of using additional words connected with your main phrases makes your terms more focused. On the Internet there are literally millions of searches that get done for the words “choosing keywords.” There are also millions of pages focusing on those two words. Now, when we expand it to include a more focused description, we have a much better chance of getting a visitor who is searching Google using our long tail keyword phrase. This will result in us getting very targeted visitors who are looking for exactly what we are focusing on in our content.

How Can Adwords Help With the Design of My Sitebuilder Pages

Adwords is a tool provided by Google. It will give you an accurate listing of the most popular phrases that are related to the terms you type into the selector box. First you must create a general account with Google. Inside your account you can choose to open the Adwords system.

Steps For Finding the Adwords Keyword Research Tool

1) Open your Adwords account.

2) On the top left of the page choose “Opportunities.”

3) In the middle of the next page on the left you will see the heading “Tools.” Your next option below that is “Keyword Tool,” click on that.

Once you are inside the program, type in the phrases that you are focusing on within your Homestead web page. The results will give you a listing of how many people searched for the similar terms during the previous month. Select some phrases and expand them by making them long tail styles and place them in the content on your pages.

Choosing keywords for your web pages is only one small part of designing your website. Remember that you must learn Homestead search engine optimization if you are going to succeed at getting free traffic from search engines. Just because you build a site does not mean that people will find you, even if you select great keywords. There are other very important things you must learn about Homestead website design.