How To Check Website Traffic Statistics in Real Tracker

Homestead Website Statistics

Did you know that your Homestead website program comes with a free statistics program? How you check to see the Real Tracker traffic results for your SiteBuilder pages is done through your main account login. The system is rather easy to use once you spend a little time learning the ropes. Discovering how many people are coming to your pages and how they are getting there can be extremely helpful for building an Internet presence. Once you understand the importance of this, the way you manage your Site will change for the better.


Steps For Checking Website Statistics

Step 1

Start by logging into your main Homestead website account area. The login page can be found by going to Once there, in the upper right hand corner there is a place to click on “login.” Enter your name and password in the text boxes and click on submit.

Homestead Login

Homestead Login

Step 2

When you enter the account area, in the center of the page will be a dropdown box, choose the website that you want to check your statistics for. You will have to wait several seconds while the page automatically refreshes its self.

Select Website Domain

Select Website Domain

Step 3

Directly below the dropdown box, where you selected your website choice from, is a phrase that says: “View your website statistics,” left click on that.

Choose View Statistics

Choose View Statistics

Now the Real Tracker statistics page will show up in a new window. There are several different visitors’ stats that are recorded and stored in the program. To master the entire database operations is going to take a while. Usually, my main concern is checking to see how people found my SiteBuilder pages. There are many valuable functions inside the Real Tracker. Here are a few of the programs titles with some brief descriptions of the statistics that they yield.

Selecting The Date Range

On the left hand side of the page you can select specific date ranges that you want to study.

The Totals Section

In this section you can view the total amounts of traffic that you are getting to your Homestead website pages in graph form. The style of the graph display can be altered to reflect the amount of visitors that you incurred either by individual days, weeks, months or annually.

The Last One Hundred

This is my favorite part of the Real Tracker statistics tool. It displays the most recent one hundred visitors to your Homestead SiteBuilder pages. The display will show the exact phrase that they used to find your website through a search engine. It will tell you which search engine they used to find you with. You can click on the keyword phrase link and it will then open into the exact search results page and show you where your keyword phrase ranked on the page.


This section of the website stats puts everything in order by quantity. When you open the statistics area the table will show which pages of your website are getting traffic from the most visited pages to the least.

Learning how to check traffic statistics will be very helpful with improving the amount of traffic that you get to your Homestead site’s pages. Once you understand which search terms that people are using to find you, then you can make minor or even major adjustments to make your SiteBuilder pages more appealing.

Internet marketers who succeed online keep a close watch on the stats for website traffic compared to the conversion of sales. They are forever altering, tweaking, adjusting and changing pages to bring more positive results.