Cheaper Domain Name for Your Homestead Website

Can I buy (or, “purchase”) a cheaper domain name and use it with my Homestead website? Yes, finding one that is at least half the price of what you will pay through the Intuit Company is possible. The process is rather simple too.

I started purchasing all of my website names through They are less than half the cost of buying an extra one with the hosting plan that comes with the SiteBuilder program.

How do I set up a domain name from another company with my Homestead website? Getting things done correctly is easiest when you ask for help. I always contact the company where I made my purchase and have them walk me through the process of setting it up correctly.

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Setting Up Your Cheaper Domain Name

1)    You will need to contact the technical support team at first before calling your new domain name provider. The technician will direct you to the place in your main account where the DNS numbers are. Take note of all three numbers.

2) Contact your new provider and tell them that you want your domain to be hosted at another location where you have built a website. Make it very clear to them that you are not transferring your domain to a different company.

3) The technician at your new company such as Godaddy will then direct you through their system and show you where to enter the three DNS numbers that you copied from your main Homestead website account.

4) You will have to login into your main account with Homestead and go into your domains area and associate the new domain name with an existing website. Tech support can walk you through this process too.

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Once you discover how easy it is to get them set up correctly, consider transferring existing domain names that are costing you a lot of money to have through Homestead websites to a different account. Doing this will cost you several dollars, but in the long run you will be saving a lot of money by transferring the domain names to a different hosting company. You will have to once again invest a certain amount of time in getting it switched over, but the savings will be worth it. Every dollar counts, right?

Finding a place to get domain names cheaper than what you can buy them with Homestead is as easy as searching Google, Yahoo or MSN. Godaddy seems to be the preferred place for people to purchase and register their domain names.