Backlink Liftoff-Link Building for Homestead Website Owners

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When an Intuit website owner finally gets a good handle on site design and basic SEO, it’s time to start pushing the pages up in the search engine results pages. How do you accomplish this task? This is done by developing inbound links pointing to the new sites pages. In the Internet world these are called back-links. The higher the quality and the more relevant the backlink is, the higher the website’s page may go in the search engines results pages.

This may sound a bit confusing if you are new to the Internet world. There is an easy way to get professional answers to your link building questions about Homestead websites.

Jordy Christo has designed another powerful course to help Homestead website owners learn how to generate quality votes for their web sites. The new product is called Backlink Liftoff and will be launched on Friday, December eleventh 2009.
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Deleting a Website From My Homestead Account

Internet FrustrationsHow can I remove an unwanted website from my Intuit list? What’s the process of deleting a website that I don’t want form my Homestead account? How to clean out unwanted websites from your dropdown list is going to be easier than you may think.

Before you start deleting anything, please DO NOT remove any sub domain website that you originally built which are now associated with your main .com, .org. or .net published designs. Keep the original domain in your list.

How to remove an unwanted website from your account list:

1) Log into your main Intuit/Homestead account, not Site Builder. Inside the main account is where you check your statistics, billing information, set up newsletters and study tutorials about using the SiteBuilder.

2) Select the domain name that you want to delete from the drop-down menu.

3) In the left side bar there is a clickable link titled “Advanced,” click on that link.
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Three Tips for Internet Success

These are going to be three of the simplest things that you have heard about succeeding on the Internet. These are tips that I heard about when I first got started, but did not really understand completely until a year or so after I built my first website. If you can discipline yourself to do the following three things, I guarantee you that you will see some positive results in the area of getting website visitors to your pages. read Three Tips for Internet Success

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View Published Copy or View Local Copy

Have you ever seen this message when trying to login, “View Published” or the other option is “View Local Copy?” This occurs in the Intuit/Homestead website Site program when you are opening SiteBuilder to work on your pages. So, what should you do with this when it occurs?

You will have three options in this particular situation that will cause the SiteBuilder to open when you choose one of them.

It’s important to choose wisely!

1) Download Published Copy
2) Keep Local
3) Click on the X to close the window


First we must understand that when we download the Site Builder program it gets stored on our personal computer. Every time we are working on website pages, they are being remembered on our personal computer.
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Building Intuit Websites for Money-Business Ideas

web developmentThe process of building Intuit/Homestead websites is rather easy. Using the SiteBuilder to make money with a design business is a great idea, if you have some experience with web page development. There are really only a few things that you will need to know to get you going in the right direction. However, in order to make a professional website you are going to need to be experienced with editing photos, working with video and above all search engine optimization.

Here are four things to consider when building websites as a business.

1) Writing the Contract-Always assemble a written agreement and have it signed by both parties. This must be a very detailed agreement; don’t skip this part. It should include specifics as to how many pages are included in the price, how many photos the package includes and who will be responsible to design read Building Intuit Websites for Money

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