How to Add Favicon Logo to Homestead Website

logo_tutorialI learned how to add a trademark icon or logo to my homestead website today. It’s called a favicon and the term means favorite icon.  This is a small image that gets displayed in a visitor’s browser when they visit your website. It is also shown in the bookmarked favorites section when someone saves your site to their browser file. By adding this small image to your business or hobby web site, you will be developing a professional appearance and a nice website design.

You are going to need an image or logo. If you have developed on and it is stored on your computer that’s great. If not you can visit and create a logo trademark for your site.

There are many free favicon generators that will work fine for creating the trademark from an existing image to be added to your Intuit/Homestead website. read How to Add Favicon Logo Trademark

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Adding Google Analytics Statistics Sitebuilder Web Pages

Follow the steps below for adding this in depth analytics tracking system to all of your Intuit Homestead pages. Your main account has the Real Tracker set up already. If you are looking for a way to go even deeper at seeing all of the information about the visitors that come to your hobby or business web pages, install the special tracking code provided by Google on all of your pages. Watch Video Google Analytics Homestead Sitebuilder

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How to Create Links in the Intuit SiteBuilder Program

Creating clickable text links in the Intuit website building program is pretty easy. In this lesson, I will explain how to create an active link and also discuss the various options available in the SiteBuilder related to this subject. There are two types of linking systems inside the Intuit web builder. One of your options is for developing a navigation bar that connects your pages together and the other option is creating anchor text connections. The later method is what we will be talking about today.

read How to create Links in The Intuit SiteBuilder

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How to Add a Google Calendar to an Intuit Website

Here are the steps explaining how to add third party elements to a Homestead/ Ituit Site Builder web page. The video tutorial below demonstrates how to add a Google Calendar to your web page design. This lesson will apply to most third party integration that you might want to add to your business, hobby or product website.

read How to Add Google Calander to Intuit Website

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Funniest Video About Twitter-Still Dumbfounded

This is a hilarious real life look at Twitter. I don’t know about you, but I am still a little dumbfounded over the way the whole thing works. This is a good video that helped me realize why I have difficulty connecting with the Twitter generation. Watching this made me not feel like such an Internet outcast.

It’s actually the funniest video I’ve seen about the newest craze that is taking the entire world by storm.
Funniest Twitter Video

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