How to Make a PDF Format eBook Using Open Office

In this article you will find everything you need to learn how to make an eBook using Open Office freeware. You will then be able to export it as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. Once you are finished, you can upload the eBook to your Intuit/Homestead website.

In the following paragraphs, you will learn how to make the cover, set up the table of contents, link chapters and headings, insert images and also how to protect your ebook using the PDF security settings.

E-Book Cover Maker
This system for making E-Book covers has a free trial-offer. It is easy to use. Just upload your photos for the cover and binder area. If the photos need to be altered at all, you can use Gimp which is freeware.

Open Office
This is another freeware program. Watch this video to see how the program will create a table of contents for you and also link chapters and titles together. A professional E-Book can be created rather quickly using the Open Office program. Once the eBook is completed, it can be exported into an Adobe Acrobat PDF format. read How to Make a PDF eBook

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Write More Articles -Make More Money

Do these three things, write optimized articles, get more website visits and then make more money. These are the things that must be done in order to achieve any level of success with your Intuit/Homestead website. Unless you plan on spending a ton of money on advertising, this is the way to get free traffic. You can get good results with the Sitebuilder, if you get your focus in the right areas.
read Write Articles Make More Money

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Using Books for Content Inspiration

content ideasHave you been into Books a Million lately? If not consider taking a trip there because if you look long enough you will be able to find several cheap books that can help with writer’s block. This is a great way to get ideas for writing content for your Homestead website.

I started using books to help inspire me a few years ago. The inspiration for me comes through describing things that I see in the pictures. Because one of my niche websites focuses in on custom kitchen cabinet designs, the possibilities for content generation are endless, especially when I find a great kitchen cabinet design book.

What I have discovered is that by investing a small amount of about eight dollars in a book, I get enough inspiration to write close to one hundred articles of original content. Those one hundred articles have the potential of making a lot of money with my Homestead website if I understand how to optimize my content correctly. read Books for Content Ideas

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Tips for Writing Internet Content

writing content

It has been discovered that readers online have a tendency to skim over the content on our pages. If we don’t GRASP them immediately, they may click off and go to another website in moments.

How can we get the attention of our readers? Here are a few tips to consider when you are writing your Internet content.

It’s been suggested that the first sentence in the paragraph is the most important one. If it is interesting enough or provides useful information that the reader is looking for, then they may just continue to read what you have written.

Some tips that I have read about writing content on the Internet suggest that paragraphs should have only one topic and be concise. This would tie into making sure that the first sentence is very descriptive of the paragraph.

By writing small paragraphs, visitors don’t feel overwhelmed when they take a look at the page. Short descriptive sentences have the ability to capture them long enough to skim the entire page.

Bold print between paragraphs
is a great way for website visitors to skim the content on our sites.

By highlighting text and also including hyper text anchor links (Homestead SEO ebook) reader’s eyes can be drawn to these areas. If the content is compelling enough, they will click the link or read the highlighted text.

Having a professional looking website will certainly help draw the visitors attention to the content on the web page.

Images speak volumes and can cause a visitor to stare and then read the content. If you choose creative photos to add to your Homestead website content this will help keep them reading through your pages.

Creative sub headings can grip the eyes of your visitors.

A very powerful way to get the readers attention is by adding bullets or making lists. In a quick review, let’s look at the content writing tips we have compiled in this article already.

•    Readers skim pages on the Internet rather than read all of the details
•    The first sentence in a paragraph is the most important one. It should be very descriptive.
•    Paragraphs should have one topic.
•    Paragraphs should be short. Two to three sentences is generally enough.
•    Bold descriptive print between paragraphs is a great hook for getting readers to stick around.
•    Highlighting text and having anchor text links in the copy can keep them reading the content.
•    Make sure that your website is professional looking. You know what I am talking about.
•    Creative sub headings will be very helpful.
•    Add bullets or number lists describing how to do certain things.
•    Choose creative pictures and add them to your web pages.

There are literally thousands of different approaches for writing and publishing the content on your pages. I think the most important thing is to just keep the copy simple and to the point. If your web page is filled with a bunch of senseless wanderings, instead of professional tips, then your readers are going to click off fast. If the website is professionally designed and has interesting looking topics, then there is a good chance that the visitors will stick around for a few minutes.

The best thing that you can hope for is that they will return to your website for more of what you have to offer. This site is loaded with tips to help Homestead users achieve success on the Internet. Please take a moment to go deeper into our website. You may just find some very helpful tips that are perfectly suited to help you with website design.

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Article Changer Software Review-Content Marketing

Article Changer
Have you seen the Mass Article Changer yet? It’s a great content spinner. I purchased the software a few months ago and I am totally amazed at how you can take an article and transform it into so many different pieces of usable content. You can even review what the transformation looks like as you are making the changes. Hundreds of articles can be created from one. This is called article spinning.

Why would anyone use article creator software?

Well, if you are working on building an online presence, then you will need to consider leveraging the many read Article Changer Software

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