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In years past written content was enough to have on your website in order for the search engines to like your pages.

You will find a checklist of important things to have on your website pages further down the page, but don’t bypass the good stuff in the middle.

I truly believe that if you combine the checklist elements with good Homestead SEO, you will find your website pages in the top of the search engine results pages.

As the Internet continues to evolve, there are other important factors other than written content that Google, Yahoo and Bing are considering to be important.
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Get on the Video Creation Bus or be Left Behind

Video Production

I remember when I first heard about Youtube. When they hit the Internet scene, I thought why didn’t I think of that? The name was different, short and easy to remember. I visited the website and instantly knew that this was where the online world was headed.

The insight was so on target that I talked to a friend of mine about developing a video based website like Youtube for a particular niche to be able to participate in. Not long after that conversation, Godtube came on the scene. My plans quickly went out the window. I tried to get on the bus, but someone beat me to it.

Did you know that every minute thirty five (35) hours of video gets uploaded to Youtube? Here, read what Google says in this information about how they are protecting copy written materials better. That’s where I read the information.

Doesn’t it make sense though, people by nature are lazy. That’s why we sit around watching TV all of the time. The same thing is starting to happen on the Internet, people would rather absorb information by visual and audio presentations than read about “everything.”
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When Adding A Link To Another Internet Neighborhood

When adding someones website in connection to your content you must make sure that the link opens in a new window. If you don’t your visitor will be off to a different Internet neighborhood and may never return to your page.

In recent months I read an article from an SEO Pro who was stressing the importance of occasionally including an anchor text link to a high page rank site in the first two paragraphs of an article. If we are going to do this type of thing to achieve higher placements with the search engines, then we are going to have to make certain that we don’t send them away forever. What good would it do to get a high ranking spot on Google just to have our potential customer click off within the first few seconds of landing on the page?

Something that I generally practice doing is after I write an article I always check the connections to other sites to ensure that I remembered to set the new page to open in a different window. If you are anything like me, I get so caught up in designing the pages that sometimes I forget when adding a link to another neighborhood website to make it open in a different browser window.

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Bad Links Do Not Affect Your Ranking

I recently discovered that someone posted a link pointing to one of my websites that would be considered to be a bad link. I got really concerned that it would affect the ranking of my site with Google. After doing some research, I found several posts that support one another on this issue. Google answered the question well in one of their forum posts.

The basic idea is that if bad back-links pointing to your website pages had an affect on your ranking, then your competitors could sabotage your position in the search engine results by creating these forms of evil site backlinks. So, keeping this in mind they do not affect your placement. read Bad Links Do Not Affect Your Ranking

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Competitive Niche-Growing Your Website Among the Competition

Have you heard the news of how competitive the Internet is getting? Ehow is growing in website popularity buy publishing five thousand articles per day relating to various niche topics. This is just one of the mega websites out there that is using automated technology which helps them focus on popular, high-paying, long-tailed keyword phrases.
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