Building Intuit Websites for Money-Business Ideas

web developmentThe process of building Intuit/Homestead websites is rather easy. Using the SiteBuilder to make money with a design business is a great idea, if you have some experience with web page development. There are really only a few things that you will need to know to get you going in the right direction. However, in order to make a professional website you are going to need to be experienced with editing photos, working with video and above all search engine optimization.

Here are four things to consider when building websites as a business.

1) Writing the Contract-Always assemble a written agreement and have it signed by both parties. This must be a very detailed agreement; don’t skip this part. It should include specifics as to how many pages are included in the price, how many photos the package includes and who will be responsible to design the logo. What will the limitations be for video and audio requests? How many special forms will be built, such as contact information submission forms?  Write out what specifically is not included and all the details of what is included. The customer is going to have to supply you with many things such as photos, content, page names and sub headings. The contract should spell out exactly what the customer is responsible to provide to your Intuit/Homestead website development company. Trust me this will safeguard you against losing money in the long run.

2) Build Nothing Until-Never start developing the website until your customer has provided all of the materials that you have requested. This is one guideline that you must stick to. This will help you build your Intuit SiteBuilder pages quicker. It will eliminate the possibility of unnecessary work when linking all of the pages together. You will be able to assemble your main template page with the header, footer, side bar, page links and categories one time. This will allow you to effortlessly duplicate the template for all of the SiteBuilder pages that will be required for the customers’ website.

3) Provide an SEO Guide-
Intuit websites need to be built in a special way in order for the pages to be appealing to Google, Yahoo and Bing.

I’m guessing that you know about how to optimize an Intuit website. If not you can start by studying our free SEO Intuit website eBook.

If you have been hired as a web development business, people are going to expect to have traffic coming to their Intuit site. It’s your job to give them professional ideas for how they should assemble the items you need so you can deliver professional results in this arena.

By providing a content writing guide for your customers to follow, you can educate them as to how the content should be written in order for you to be able to build their website so that they have a chance of getting found by the major search engines.

4) Always Collect a Deposit-
It’s just good business practice to collect money in advance for your services. By the time you get to the point of signing a contract, the customer should have trust in you because of the ideas and insight that you have provided in advance. In other words, they should feel as though you have given them a lot of professional guidance for free and have great confidence in your Intuit website development abilities.

In all of my web business contracts I require a fifty (50%) deposit at the time the contract is signed. You can collect the remainder when you are finished or split the payments into thirds, 30% upfront and two more payments as you build the Intuit site for them.

Building a Homestead/Intuit website for yourself is very time-consuming. It is going to be much more demanding when you start a web development business. When you are designing your own site, when you are assembling the materials it is very easy to keep them organized. When your customers are providing all of the content, images, videos and audios,  things can get a bit unorganized, especially when you are trying to sort through fifty emails that they have sent to you.

There are many other ideas that I will be revealing in future blog posts that will help you make money with your Intuit website building abilities. Web development is big business and with the Internet growing at such a fast pace, there will be many opportunities for you to make money with your Homestead website.