Building an Information Niche Website Loaded With Content

Information WebsiteI have developed successful sites about guitars, cabinets, Christianity, and Homestead websites. Building and establishing them as online authority locations was done by providing information on the websites using written content, videos and audio mp3s. I also loaded the Internet with content and established myself as an authority through publishing Ezine Articles, posting on blogs and participating in forums.

There has been a common thread among each place that I developed for teaching people about these niches, generating optimized content on a regular basis. Every ounce of content that you write needs to be optimized. The SEO Extreme Video Series for Homestead website users will teach you about optimization.

I enjoy writing articles for all of the niche websites and the information basically flows from my fingertips, almost effortlessly. This is because I know how to play the guitar, have twenty eight years of experience in cabinet making, practice my beliefs in the Christian faith and enjoy building Homestead websites. They are all things that I know a lot about and enjoy participating in.

It all started with one article, then as I was writing content and publishing it to my Homestead SiteBuilder pages the revenue began to flow through the various income streams. At first it was just a trickle through Google’s Adsense program. As I continued to learn about making money on the Internet, I began to make more. I love to say that my passions turned into profits.

The increasing profits have not come without hard work though. This is not a get rich quick way for making money, contrary to what many advertisements promote on the Internet. The increase in revenue has been slow and steady. With every article, video or audio mp3 I publish, there are more chances to make money online. The saying is true: “What you feed grows bigger.” Now after several years of being consistent, the passive income will be flowing in whether I work this week or not. You could say, I’ve done my time.

How you can make Money with your Intuit/Homestead website.
People want information and the way they find it is through doing searches on Google, Yahoo and Bing. So, the way to succeed is by providing information that they are searching for. The key is to be consistent and work on your websites daily. Publish article after article providing valuable information that people will be looking for online.

On your pages include affiliate program banners and text links. If you are unfamiliar with this read our article, Using Affiliate Companies to Make Money Online.

If your niche website is about flat screen TV repair, the more written content you have on the subject, the better your chances of being found are. You could write product reviews and comparisons about flat screen TV models. You could address what’s hot and what’s not as new products are released into the electronics market. It really doesn’t matter what you focus on. Just write a lot of content and it needs to be keyword rich and optimized.

Set short and long term goals for making money with the SiteBuilder program. As you continue to build and establish yourself as an authority, by providing quality information, your Intuit/Homestead website profits will increase. Just make sure that the Internet is loaded with information about your niche and it all needs to be pointing to your websites. Use blogs, videos, article marketing, and social media networks like FaceBook and Twitter to promote your expertise. Always provide active clickable links in everything that you publish directing visitors to your money pages.

Building an information niche website can be very enjoyable and financially rewarding if you are consistent and don’t loose heart. The more content you publish and the longer you are established as an authority in your niche, the more visitors and money you will enjoy. Your passions can turn into profits as the Internet gets loaded with your original information through publishing content, making videos and participating in social media communities.