Building Business Websites Using Homestead

The Intuit Site Builder is ideal for building a business presence on the Internet. Websites built using the Homestead hosting program can be very successful. There are a few things that must be learned prior to building a web presence using the companies point, click, drag and drop web builder.

I would recommend that you sign up for a free Homestead website trial first and call tech support and discuss all of the things you want on your pages.

Follow these steps for building a website for your business.

1) Before designing or even writing any content, you must learn Intuit website SEO. You can download our free Homestead SEO ebook to get you started in the right direction.

2) Never forget this point, “content is king.” The best way for people to find your business website is by having the proper content on your Intuit website pages. Using Homestead to assemble your web pages with is going to be really easy, but the tricky part is getting people to actually visit your website. Every web page should have no less than 250 ( two hundred fifty) words and your main landing web page should have no less than 700 (seven hundred) words.

3) Understand that your “Home” page is the most important one on your Intuit business website. Your most important descriptions of your business should on this page. The reason this is important is because Google ( the largest search engine) picks up just about every word on your main web page.

4) Learn how to work with photos. Here’s a good program we use for editing Homestead website images. The two things you will be working with the most are photographs and content. Here again remember that content is king.

5) Research other business websites that are related to your niche. See what terms they are focusing on. You can learn how to do extensive Homestead website keyword research by clicking the link and watching the video.

6) Once your business website, built with Intuit/Homestead is up and functioning, you will need to learn how to build links that point to your website pages. There’s a right way and a wrong way to build links. The website has great tutorials in their Marketing Center designed specifically for helping business enthusiasts succeed with their Intuit website.

7) It will be good to understand the various ways to get traffic to a Homestead website. Click the link and get a thorough tutorial ebook explaining the many ways that traffic can be found online.

If your business is local it should be fairly easy to rank well with the search engine results pages. I have a business website about cabinets and one about building a website with Homestead that both get many local visitors. The reason I know this is because I get emails and calls from people asking for help.

If you’re building a business website that is more on an international scale it will be more difficult to get visitors because the area is so broad. If you concentrate on specific areas of the world, by writing optimized content, you will be more apt to succeed.

Using the Homestead Site Builder for a business website is an excellent choice. I would recommend that you sign up for a free Homestead website trial first and call tech support and discuss all of the things you want on your pages. There are some things that presently cannot be done using the Intuit program.

The Site Builder is an amazing tool and easy to use, but it is somewhat limited. By building a few trial pages and discussing your options with Intuit/Homestead you will be able to determine if the hosting company will be the right choice for you.