Beginner Intuit Website Help-Search Engines SEO Traffic

This is an introduction to the Internet for the beginner who is just starting to use the Intuit website builder. The video will help you understand about search engines, SEO, traffic and establishing an Internet presence. It is a four part production which includes toe following.

1-Misconceptions of Building an Intuit Website

When my first site was built, I just knew that I would become an overnight success. It was a music website that had original songs that I had recorded. Now one had told me that just because I was building a website did not mean that I would become well known.

After having a website for several months online and not having any visitors yet, I learned real fast that the idea of “If you build it they will come” was totally wrong. An online business or website is very much like starting a business off line; you must establish a reputation as being an authority in your niche market.

A business grows through word of mouth, advertising and over time. Slow and steady growth is one of the main foundations that make for a successful business. The same is true for having an Intuit website that becomes well know, it is going to take time.

2-Understanding Search Engines

The three major search engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing. When an Internet user is trying to locate specific information on the Internet, it is done through entering search phrases or terms into a search box and clicking on submit. The results pages will display related terms and website pages that match with the term entered in the search box.

In order to get listed in the SERPS (search engine results pages) you will need to understand how SEO works with your Intuit website. This can be learned through the SEO Extreme Video series available at the website. AS an Intuit beginner you must learn SEO before publishing your website onto the internet.

Content is king on the Internet and so is Google. If you generate content regularly you will have a better chance of getting traffic through search engines. Google, Yahoo and Bing will recognize you as an expert authority in your niche as you continue to publish content on the Internet.

If you want traffic through search engines, then you must learn SEO and publish lots of content using key word phrases.

3-Traffic to Intuit Website

You can get free traffic that will only require an investment of your time by publishing loads of articles.

You can get traffic through paid advertising platforms. Google Adwords is one way of paying to have advertisements on the Internet. Yahoo and Bing have programs that will allow you to create your own ads as well. These systems are designed to charge you in relation to how many people are competing for advertising in your niche. If there are a lot of people advertising in your field of choice, then it’s going to cost you more to have advertisements get displayed in top positions on the Internet.

There are many things to learn as an Intuit website beginner. The Homestead website builder is an awesome web software program that is easy to use, but if you don’t understand how the Internet works, then you will be frustrated. Learn SEO first then build your website. That’s the most important thing in this introduction video offering Intuit website help for the beginner.