Bad Links Do Not Affect Your Ranking

I recently discovered that someone posted a link pointing to one of my websites that would be considered to be a bad link. I got really concerned that it would affect the ranking of my site with Google. After doing some research, I found several posts that support one another on this issue. Google answered the question well in one of their forum posts.

The basic idea is that if bad back-links pointing to your website pages had an affect on your ranking, then your competitors could sabotage your position in the search engine results by creating these forms of evil site backlinks. So, keeping this in mind they do not affect your placement.

There is something that we must be aware of though, if we have links pointing to what are considered to be bad neighborhood websites, then this will affect our rankings because of the association being in our control.

If you do not know how to discover who is linking to your website, go to Yahoo Site Explorer and enter the URL of your website in the upper text box..

Read some factors that affect where and how our sites place in the search engine results pages of Google by clicking on the link.

Google has made it clear in many of their posts related to this subject that there are may things that affect how a website ranks. Here is quote from one of their articles on the subject: “If your site receives links that look similarly dodgy, don’t be alarmed… read on! While it’s true that linking is a significant factor in Google’s ranking algorithms, it’s just one of many.” It’s good to know that bad links do not affect how we place in the serps.

As I have said in many of the articles I’ve written, the most important thing that we can do is to continue to generate content. As we do this, we become recognized as an authority on the subject that we are writing about. Generally, what happens is that as we continue to publish helpful information related to our niche other “good neighborhood” websites start linking to our pages.