Automatic Link Building Strategy

I Cannot Believe I Am Sharing This Automatic Link Building Strategy

This is very valuable information guys!

What I am about to reveal to you MUST not be abused. This link building strategy should only be used in moderation. There are certain sites that will give you what are called DOFOLLOW backlinks. The ones I am revealing not only are DOFOLLOW, but they are high page rank sites as well.

How can you tell if a page has NOFOLLOW links?

You will need to be using Firefox and install this plugin,, if you want to research what kind of backlinks websites offer.

When activated, the DOFOLLOW links are highlighted in purple and the NOFOLLOW ones will be pink.

  • Important: Be sure to refer to my notes below the video! That is where I have revealed the high page rank websites.

Use This 100% FREE Automatic Submission Service In The Video

Follow The Instructions Below For Building Multiple Backlinks At One Time

  1. You need to go to a website called Only Wire and sign-up for a free account
  2. In the tools area, install the Only Wire submitter to your computer. You should have a lightning bolt installed on your desktop’s lower right menu when the install is complete. If it’s not there, find the submitter in your computer programs and activate it.
  3. Click on the “Services” icon on the Only Wire website
  4. Register with the following sites, Bebo, Connotea, Bibsonomy, Diigo, Folkd, Jumptags, Reddit, Linkagogo, Yahoo Bookmarks and Google. Your registration name should be related to the niche you will be building links to. Example: My niche is cabinet making. My registration name for all of these sites is “CabinetDesign.”
  5. After registering with these sites, enter the required login info on the Only Wire “Services” page
  6. Click on “Post” in the menu bar
  7. Fill in the required information to build your backlinks with
  8. Only select three of the DOFOLLOW sites you registered with
  9. If you are using a phrase in the tag area, place it in quotes
  10. Click submit and then OK
  11. There will be a lightning bolt installed on your desktop lower menu bar, right click it
  12. Select the option that says: “check for work.”
  13. You may be prompted to fill in a captcha or two
  14. Click on the “History” icon
  15. It will display success or failure
  16. If the post failed, double check the login info you entered in the “Services” area
  17. Sometimes posts fail on one day, but will post if you “Resend” them the following day

This link building technique cannot be abused. You will get Google slapped if you build too many links too fast.

Alternate the websites that you submit to every time you add a new backlink.

This is a great FREE automatic submitter that works wonders once you get everything set up correctly. It may take a little work to iron things out. Once you are rolling, you will be amazed at how quickly you can post linked keyword phrases on other websites.

It only takes about five minutes to generate several backlinks from high page rank  sites when using this automatic backlink building tool.