Automatic Email System for Product Sales

Email Marketing $19/Month!

About a year ago, the Intuit/Homestead automatic email/newsletter feature in my account was placed on hold by Homestead because my list size was huge. After checking into other options, I discovered a much better email system called Aweber. The company has a risk free trial.

If you are interested in looking into how easy it is to work with, Click Here.

Trust me; Aweber is a really easy program to work with.

With this new set up, you can sell your products and connect the Paypal sales process with the auto responder in the Aweber program. This allows you to send information automatically once the system is set up in your Aweber account. All of the digital product tutorials I have developed for Intuit Homestead users are set up on this automatic sales responder.

It is called an email parser when you connect the Paypal sale with the automatic email responder. It only takes about fifteen minutes to set up. By watching the tutorial video provided inside your Aweber account, the process is made really simple.

Before using this automated system, I used to have to manually email the links to the digital product pages. This was time-consuming. Each day I would have to check my Paypal account to see if someone had purchased anything. If I had a purchaser, I would then have to log into my email account and send the product links to the buyer. It required constant monitoring of sales.

Now I never have to do anything, but collect the money from my Paypal account. Everything is automatic. The customer clicks on the “Buy Now” button and completes the sale. Then, the connection from Paypal to my Aweber account automatically sends the email that I have created to be sent to the customer with all information that I choose to send to them.

The beauty of this automatic email system, provided by Aweber,  is that it enhances the passive income process. Once it is set in place, literally thousands of dollars can be made while never having to do anything, but release the funds to yourself periodically.

Email Marketing $19/Month!