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Automatic Link Building Strategy

I Cannot Believe I Am Sharing This Automatic Link Building Strategy

This is very valuable information guys!

What I am about to reveal to you MUST not be abused. This link building strategy should only be used in moderation. There are certain sites that will give you what are called DOFOLLOW backlinks. The ones I am revealing not only are DOFOLLOW, but they are high page rank sites as well.

How can you tell if a page has NOFOLLOW links?

You will need to be using Firefox and install this plugin,, if you want to research what kind of backlinks websites offer.

When activated, the DOFOLLOW links are highlighted in purple and the NOFOLLOW ones will be pink.

  • Important: Be sure to refer to my notes below the video! That is where I have revealed the high page rank websites.

Use This 100% FREE Automatic Submission Service In The Video

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Posted by    Date: Thursday, March 10, 2011

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Do Youtube Promoted Videos Convert

Where Promopted Videos Display On YoutubeI recently developed a new product. I noticed that Youtube started an advertising program called Promoted Videos. This is a feature that actually interconnects with Google Adwords. I decided to give it a try just to see how well the promoted videos would drive traffic to my website with the product on it. These advertising clips are placed exclusively on Youtube. They do not show anywhere else on the web.

Prior to running the advertisements on Youtube, five percent of the people who have opted-into my email list have purchased a product. The optin rate for my free mini-course runs about two percent compared to the amount of traffic I receive. So, I generally get ninety visits per day. Over a ten day period, I get about twenty optins. This generally works out to about three sales per month. That’s pretty good considering the average sale is around forty dollars ($40). All of these percentages are based on SEO traffic from Google, Youtube, Bing, Yahoo and article marketing.

If you are interested in developing your own product to sell on the Internet, go here now: Learn Niche Product Development

The honest truth about my experience so far with the Youtube promoted videos is that the optin rate has not increased and neither have my conversions. I have seen a small increase in visitors coming to my site.
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Posted by    Date: Sunday, March 6, 2011

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Dani Johnson The Secret Millionaire Will Radically Impact Your Attitude About Focus

It was only about six months ago when I was listening to Dani Johnson (The Secret Millionaire).

She was talking about the importance of time management, focus and putting aside distractions.

Something happened that night that is hard for me to explain. Let’s just say, I experienced the supernatural power of God. It was a two second moment when Dani said: “FOCUS!” I instantly knew that God had done something special at that moment.

Video of Dani Johnson on the Secret Millionaire show

read Dani Johnson Secret Millionaire

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Posted by    Date: Saturday, March 5, 2011

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Paralyzing Above The Fold Web Design Handicaps Visitors Responses

Ugly Website DesignI visited this highly reputable website the other day only to be paralyzed, confused and somewhat handicapped as I landed on the page. This is a site that I love to visit in order to watch Internet marketing videos. The page in the image to the right was so confusing, I didn’t even see the video among the vibrant collage of colors.

In fact this video on What Not TO Do With Landing Pages is located on the Web Pro News site. Inside the content, the person who is sharing from an experts opinion says;
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Posted by    Date: Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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List Of The Best Places To Learn Internet Marketing

Who’s your mentor? Perhaps you have several people that you are learning from on the Internet. In this article, I will share a few of the highest-quality places I’ve found to learn about web design and marketing online. In my opinion, these are the best of the best in the Internet world.
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Posted by    Date: Saturday, February 19, 2011

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