Article Changer Software Review-Content Marketing

Article Changer
Have you seen the Mass Article Changer yet? It’s a great content spinner. I purchased the software a few months ago and I am totally amazed at how you can take an article and transform it into so many different pieces of usable content. You can even review what the transformation looks like as you are making the changes. Hundreds of articles can be created from one. This is called article spinning.

Why would anyone use article creator software?

Well, if you are working on building an online presence, then you will need to consider leveraging the many article website plate forms that are available to promote your Homestead website site through.

If an article is unique it has a better chance of ranking in a good position in the search engine results pages than if it is exact duplicate content. Some internet search engine marketing specialists suggest that once your article gets indexed on your own website by Google that you can take the same identical content, change the title and then post it to article websites and it will bring additional traffic.

You should publish it on your site and wait for it to get indexed by the search engines because you will get credit for being the original author. By publishing the original work on your site first you can get the page rank recognition from Google as well.

But what about being penalized for duplicate content?

Duplicate content penalty only applies to your own website. You will be penalized by Google if you have two of the same identical pages on your own site. It’s OK to have duplicate content on an article website and even in RSS feeds. If it wasn’t millions of people would be in trouble with Google because there are RSS feeds everywhere posting duplicate content all over the Internet.

If you take time to spin or alter the article by using a software tool such as the Mass Article Creator, then every piece of content that you submit to the many article sites will be unique content.

Why would I want to submit articles to places like Ezine Articles?

There are several reasons that people submit to article websites, but mainly two that bring great benefits.

1) Traffic- You will see an increase in traffic by entering your articles. Have you noticed that Google serves up a lot of Ezine Articles in the top of the results pages? The reason is that Ezine has a very high page rank. You can submit your content and it will make it on the front-page of Google almost every time depending upon how much competition there is in your niche. In the authors bio section you can add a link to your Homestead website; this is how you get a boost in visitors.

2) Link Juice- You are allowed to add a backlink pointing to your website when you submit articles to article directories. If you choose websites that have high page rank a back link can be very beneficial for your site.

Not only is the Mass Article Changer great for making many articles from one, but it’s a great way to enrich content with unique keywords too. Once you upload your content into the software content spinning system, all you have to do is hold the mouse cursor over a word and the program will give you a list of optional words to replace it with. Your content can become rich with a large assortment of variations of one word.

When changing one article into several take time to really make them original pieces of work. I always go beyond what the software suggests and change some of the sentence structure. I would only publish them in article directories or on blogs. I would not place them on my Homestead website where the original article was posted. When you are finished there should be very little relation to the original piece.