Altering SiteBuilder Template Designs

homestead samplesTrying to change one of the built-in Homestead design templates can be very frustrating at times. Because there are many parts assembled together for the web page design to be complete, if you try to expand things you will end up with a broken apart look. If you want to change a particular layout, sometimes it’s going to take an intermediate level of website design skill to change the style of the template .

In order to start changing the design, the first thing to do is unlock the elements so they can be moved from their secure position. Left click on the part that you want to move and then uncheck the box in the lower section of the properties editor that says “lock.” You must be using the main SiteBuilder not SiteBuilder Light to unlock the elements.

Many of the parts that comprise the template are images that can be cloned using the “Clone” icon. So, if you must make a page longer perhaps you can duplicate some of the parts that comprise the design to customize the page. It’s going to be a time consuming process.

  • Tip: Remember that at anytime you can click on the edit feature at the top left of the page and redo something that you just moved to get it perfectly back into its original position. This is very helpful when you are trying to rearrange a template layout because it will put something back in place that you are having difficulty aligning.

We recently posted an article that features ways of editing Homestead website images. The use of additional software other than the Site Builder may be necessary in order to make template changes.

There are a couple of ways to get the images into a photo editor so they can be changed.

1) You can publish your page and right click the mouse as you position it over the place that you want to get the template image from. Then when the menu opens select “save image as” and this will download it to a file on your computer.
2) Take a screen shot of the area that you want to work with. Publish the page and then press and hold the “Ctrl” key down and at the same time press the “PrntScrn” key. This will take a picture of the screen. Then open your “Paint” program and paste the templates image. Save it into a file on your computer. Then use an image editing program to alter the template part with.

I always recommend that people take time to really learn how to use the SiteBuilder’s functions prior to building the final website that they have in mind. Another suggestion that I offer folks is to consider building their website pages by starting with a blank page. This can be done by creating your own logo and assembling your own creative web page design.

Using the templates for a Homestead website may appear to be an easy way to create a business or hobby site, but it has been my experience that using the templates places too many limits on the design of the websites.

Even though Homestead has thousands of template selections to choose from, there are some aspects of using them that can hinder the performance of your website as it relates to getting good rankings with Google, Yahoo and Bing.

One of the major drawbacks is the built-in navigation feature presents a few hindrances when search engines try to access your pages.

The details of how to get around this problem can be found in the Homestead SEO tutorials found at the website. This is why I prefer to build all of my SiteBuilder pages by starting with a blank page and creating it from scratch.

If you have experimented with changing a Homestead template, then you understand that it can be a bit frustrating. Many of the pre-made designs have an awesome professional appearance, but before you choose to use a template, make sure that the one selected can be used without having to try and alter the design.