Advanced Keyword Research Using Google and Keyword Spy

There are many places where we can get keywords from. Google is the top search engine that people use to find things online. By exploring what the king of the search engines has to say about particular keywords, we can focus on some long-tail phrases related to our niche that will bring results.

Advanced keyword research for an Intuit/Homestead website is very important. If you are trying to get free traffic through search engines or even paying for chances to get visitors, you must learn advanced techniques for finding great keywords.

Just finding great phrases is not enough though; you must learn what to do with them once you find them.

The website has a product called the SEO Extreme Video Series that can help you use your best keyword phrases in the correct way inside the Site Builder program. There are certain things that must be done properly in Intuit’s SiteBuilder in order to get better placements with the search engines.

Google’s expanded suggestion tool is one of the finest places to start with your advanced keyword research. Once you type a term in the search box, the suggestions dropdown. This dropdown displays the most popular searches that people are doing related to the keywords you typed in the search box.

Once I see a term that I want to explore, I click on it and go to several websites and dig deep into their pages looking for more keywords related to my niche. While I am doing this, I write down words that I think look like good options to include in my copy.

When I find a few websites that look like they are gold mines for digging up good phrases, I will then go to a website called This site has a free membership that will reveal a few of the popular phrases that the website is focusing on. You can pay for a monthly membership and get thousands of results. I just use the free version to help choose a few great topics to add to my article.

Another great way to get more advanced in keyword production is by using an online thesaurus. If you take a little additional time to search for great words, the benefits will be enormous.

Then, once I have several phrases gathered together that I feel will be good terms to focus on, I write a keyword rich article that has no less than 500 words. I make sure that I use the phrases word for word in the article and also I spread them throughout the copy. I like to call this “sowing words like flower seeds.”

The top Internet marketers say that advanced keyword study is how they make their money. By digging deeper and finding related terms that not everyone uses to search the Internet with, this gives them very targeted visitors that buy their products. The marketers are then have less competition with their long tail word combinations.

The Homestead/Intuit web builder is a great tool for making money on the Internet and for having a business website. If you are going to succeed with your site, do the proper research for your niche. The only way that people will be able to find you is through the words that you use on your Intuit website. Learn from the SEO Extreme Video Series, found at the location, how to use your keyword phrases most effectively in the SiteBuilder program.