Adding Google Analytics Statistics Sitebuilder Web Pages

Follow the steps below for adding this in depth analytics tracking system to all of your Intuit Homestead pages. Your main account has the Real Tracker set up already. If you are looking for a way to go even deeper at seeing all of the information about the visitors that come to your hobby or business web pages, install the special tracking code provided by Google on all of your pages.

Adding Google’s analytics tracking system to your Sitebuilder pages is easy. This tutorial is for Intuit Homestead website users who want other alternatives to using the Real Tracker system that is provided with the Intuit website program. You can find the Real Tracker in the main account area of your Homestead account.

1) Create an account with Google and then perform a search for Analytics.
2) Copy the HTML tracking code
3) Open the Intuit Homestead Site Builder program
4) Click on the “HTML” icon in the menu bar
5) On the right in the properties editor open the HTML code box
6) Paste the Google Analytics code in the box.
7) Place the box anywhere on your SiteBuilder page

You will have to add the special tracking code on each individual page in order for your statistics to work for your entire website.

The difference between the Intuit Homestead Real Tracker and Google Analytics is that the one provided with your account tracks in present time. With Google’s advanced system you cannot retrieve your web traffic stats except in twenty four hour intervals.

Collecting data through these two systems is a great way to focus on pushing your web pages higher in the search engine results page. It is my recommendation that you study your websites activities on a daily basis so you can see what is working and what is not.