Add Ons

Homestead Website Add Ons for SiteBuilder

You will find on this page many add ons that can complement your Homestead website. This is a collection of tools, tips, software downloads, ideas and products that can help with your SiteBuilder web page designs. Some of the additions are free and others will cost money. These sources are well know and reputable places to get software, domain names, and how to information that will help enhance your online experiences in positive ways.

Homestead Website Cheaper Domain Names
In this article we share information about  how and where to get a more reasonably priced domain name. We also give the basics in relation to setting up the name with your SiteBuilder web pages.

Editing Photos and Making  Logos
This Free image editor is called Gimp. In this article you will find the download link to the no cost software. I have also included a connection to the Homestead Experts Youtube channel where there are video instructions teaching several methods of using the Gimp program for a SiteBuilder page. No gimmicks here or misleading information with this company, when they say it costs nothing that’s the truth of the offer.

How to Automatically Email Large Lists Using Aweber
By far, this company is out performing the few others that are providing professional bulk email marketing. You can create hover or stationary optin sign-up forms and unlimited automatic email messages. There are many templates for creating professional newsletters as well.

Article Changer-Have you heard of article marketing? We have discovered a great tool to help you be even more creative with generating content. The system works perfectly and the software is amazing. You can create hundreds of articles from just one of your original pieces of work.

Homestead limits the amount of people that you can send emails to. They only allow a small amount of people on your lists. As your website grows, so do your subscribers. Homestead will get you going but Aweber will totally automate everything and keep you effortlessly surfing the Internet.

We’ve been designing web pages using the SiteBuilder for several years and have located some excellent resources that will help with your designs. One of the best things about many of these add ons is they are free.