How to Add Blog Feed to SiteBuilder Page


Homestead Blog Feed URL Location

Blogging is popular these days. Here is how to add a RSS  blog feed to your Homestead Site Builder. It is actually the same technique as demonstrated in the video I created for adding an RSS to your page. The only drawback to implementing the platform into your website design is that only the content gets displayed. There’s no connection with the header or comment applications from your blog feed.

  • Tip: As a word of caution, if you are adding someone else’s blog rss feed to your Homestead page and there are links inside of the display box, when a visitor to your Sitebuilder page clicks on the link it will take them off of your website
  • Steps for Adding a Blog to a Homestead Website

    Step 1
    Look for the orange RSS feed button on the blog  page that you would like to add to the Sitebuilder page. Click on the orange feed icon. This should open up window where you can select the company that you want the feed to be interconnected with. What you are looking for is a URL that has the word “feed” in it.
    Step 2
    You are going to click on the “subscribe” button next. I always look for the Goolge option once the drop down opens up because I know that the blog feed URL is always easy to find. There are other options in the dropdown menu such as Bloglines, My Yahoo and Live Bookmarks, but I always have a hard time trying to find the feed URL with those options.

    rss feed subscribe homestead website

    Adding RSS

    Step 3
    Copy the URL that is located in the upper left corner of the page that opens up for the Google feed. You are now almost to the point of getting the RSS set up with your Homestead website. Setting up a blog in the SiteBuilder  can add character to your website, especially if  you take the time to take a screen shot of the original location and edit it to be added on your Homestead page. This will add an impressive depth of design character to your Intuit website.

    Rss blog URL

    Rss blog URL

    Step 4

    Open your Homestead website program and at the top of the tool bar click on “Communications.” The dropdown menu will display an option for “Blog Feed,” click on that option.

    communication selcetion homestead tool bar

    communication selcetion homestead tool bar

    Step 5
    On the right hand side, in the properties editor, you will see a text box labeled “site feed URL,” place the feed address here. Next you must publish the page.

    site feed URL blog homesteasd

    That should be the last operation for adding a blog to a Homestead SiteBuilder page. You can resize the feed box and move it into any location that you choose. One of the things that I checked into a while ago is whether or not the search engine spiders would pick up the content in the blog feed. I was told by one of the Intuit/Homestead website techs that the spiders would not read the content on the Sitebuilder page. I think they said that it is Java script. Originally that’s why I wanted to learn how to add a blog to my pages so that there would be additional content for Yahoo, Google and Bing to associate with my page. When I discovered that the search engines wouldn’t pick up the feed contents, I decided to not have it on the page.