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How to Develop Your Authority Status Online

I learned how to become an authority online by studying a lot of Internet content. In order to develop an Internet presence you must utilize many of the web 2.0 systems that are available. My easy to understand definition of 2.0 is leveraging read How to Develop Your Authority Status Online

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Two Services I Recommend for Making Money Online

I have been making money online with my Intuit website for a while now and there are two services where you can start trying to do this right away. One is called Google Adsense and the other is Commission Junction. Both of these affiliate companies are free to join and will give you access to money making banners that can be place on your blog or Homestead website.
read Recommended Money Making Affiliate Programs

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Finding Solutions for Homestead Website Problems

Personally, I have had no problems with this company. If you are considering using this software for building a web site, read this Homestead Sitebuilder review. This article is for people who are already using the Intuit program for building their websites.

There are a few places online for finding solutions for your Intuit/Homestead website technical problems. Altogether the hosting service and software work effortlessly well and both are very user friendly. Any time that I am experiencing difficulties with using the sitebuilder program, I contact tech support. read Homestead Website Problems

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Plan Before Building Your Intuit Website

I did not have a plan before I started building my first Intuit website. It’s vitally important to learn the basics of SEO and website design before you just start building web pages. The inspiration for this article was sparked by me working on a close friend’s website where she offers Sarasota massage services.

A couple of years ago she began building the site and decided to use one of Homestead’s templates. After she made a few changes here and there to try and customize things the functions of the template would not allow her to do what she wanted to do. Basically she is now stuck with a template that has a totally different color scheme than she wants. read Building Your Intuit Website

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How to Add Favicon Logo to Homestead Website

logo_tutorialI learned how to add a trademark icon or logo to my homestead website today. It’s called a favicon and the term means favorite icon.  This is a small image that gets displayed in a visitor’s browser when they visit your website. It is also shown in the bookmarked favorites section when someone saves your site to their browser file. By adding this small image to your business or hobby web site, you will be developing a professional appearance and a nice website design.

You are going to need an image or logo. If you have developed on and it is stored on your computer that’s great. If not you can visit and create a logo trademark for your site.

There are many free favicon generators that will work fine for creating the trademark from an existing image to be added to your Intuit/Homestead website. read How to Add Favicon Logo Trademark

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