The Urgency Of Business Website SEO

You MUST do TWO of the three options below:

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How To Succeed When Building A Website For A Customer Or Friend

Imagine meeting with a customer/friend to build a website for. He gives you the information that he has and you spend time with him looking things over.

You, knowing that he hasn’t given you everything you need to work with, agree to begin building his website.

Your customer/friend understands that he didn’t convey to you what he wanted the business or hobby website to look like because he couldn’t remember the original vision he had.
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Important Website Page Content Checklist

1stwebdesigner Web Design Checklist

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In years past written content was enough to have on your website in order for the search engines to like your pages.

You will find a checklist of important things to have on your website pages further down the page, but don’t bypass the good stuff in the middle.

I truly believe that if you combine the checklist elements with good Homestead SEO, you will find your website pages in the top of the search engine results pages.

As the Internet continues to evolve, there are other important factors other than written content that Google, Yahoo and Bing are considering to be important.
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Huge Traffic Drop Since Panda Algorithm Update By Google

Did you experience a huge downward slide in traffic after the Farmer/Panda update when you looked at your Google Analytics reports? If your rankings dropped, there’s not much that can be changed at this point. They have made it clear that they did not target individual websites, but rather made algorithmic changes that filtered through all of their databases.

Does your opinion matter to Google about what is showing in the search results? Apparently so because they have a designated forum thread where you can share your thoughts about what has been happening in the search results since the update went live.
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Monetizing WordPress Images

How To Monetize  WordPress Images

Example Of Monetizing WP Images

Very few people realize that the WordPress blog program has an excellent feature for making additional money through utilizing the images description. For years the top SEO advisers have been telling us to give our images an alt tag. This is critically important because your photo can get listed in the Goolge images when you add the alt tag.

Today, I want to take this a step further. Don’t just give your WordPress photos an alt tag. You need to fill in the title and take time to describe the image. The title should be a targeted keyword phrase that is not being focused on in the main article. Don’t over stuff your keywords in this area. Just use descriptive words that are not necessarily in your article.

You can monetize the image description area in two ways.
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